Birthday Wishes for Friend, Bestie, BFF, Pal, Buddy

Friends are an important part of every person’s life. They help you enjoy your life in a better way. They help in your growth and act as your secret keeper. Family and loved ones are also significant but friends are always there to share their joy and sorrows. When you are sad they will make you laugh, when you are angry they make you calm and they are the ones who are by your side increasing your morale in tough times.

You can tell your friend how special he/she is on any day but birthdays are an occasion when you should wish them to show your love and affection. Send them a birthday wish via Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, or any other medium. Also, send a cool birthday wish wallpaper and make them jump with joy. Wish them at midnight or surprise them at an odd time.

To help you make your friend’s birthday special we are here providing you a short collection of happy birthday wishes for best friends. Copy and share one of these cool birthday wishes and images to your friend and make him feel happy and joyous.

Birthday wishes for a close friend

Its been a long time since we spent quality time together but I really miss your company these days. I am surrounded by loved ones and well-wishers but I still crave the time spent with you in the evenings. I miss you a lot, my dear friend. I wish you a lot of luck, health, and joy in the future. happy birthday buddy.

happy birthday pal

May God give a sweet, funny and irritating friend like you to everyone. You are the only friend from school days that has managed to keep up with me. All those days we spent together has become a part of my beautiful memories. So, my dear friend this year I am going to wish you a happy birthday with all my heart. may you have a fun-filled and adventurous day.

Birthdays are fun but it is more fun when you have the opportunity to get a treat from your best friend. hello, my buddy Happy birthday to you. I have waited for this day for the whole year and now it’s your turn to spend a lot of money on a lavish birthday party. Once again happy birthday my bestest friend.

birthday wishes for dear friend

You are lucky that you got a great friend like me. And I got you as a friend because I had sinned a lot in my past birth. Still, I love and care for you a lot. You bring lots of fun, joy, adventure, and freshness to my utterly boring life. You are my best friend. So, happy birthday to you. I hope you get lots of cake and gifts today.

I may not have conveyed my love to you but you should know that out of all my friends you are the most special. If there was a competition to decide who is the bestest friend then you will be the winner. You have always held my back and stood by me in tough times. So, I am also showing my love by wishing you a very happy birthday friend.

I hope you still miss me because I do miss you a lot. its been a long time since we talked face to face. But I do sometimes wish that we get more time to meet and chat together. I just want to feel the joy of having a friend like you. So, I am wishing you a very happy, funny and awesome happy birthday my dear friend. Have a blast.

bday wish buddy

You made me feel how important friends are in one’s life and what it means to become a true friend of someone. Wishing you a grand and fantastic happy birthday. Have a party and enjoy your birthday to the fullest.

Time has been running very fast since I met you. That is because our bond of friendship always keeps me in a happy and jolly mood. So, its time again to wish you one more happy birthday. Enjoy my dear friend.

With you as my best friend forever I will never have to worry about a companion. You are the best role model for a great friend. Happy birthday, dearest BFF.

Today is the day when my best friend, my soulmate, my strength took birth. It’s your birthday today. Let’s celebrate it and rock the party. Happy birthday.

Special friend birthday wishes

You are my biggest source of inspiration. You are the only one who makes me smile when I feel low. When everyone else gives up on me, you were always there by my side to believe in me. So, dear, I love you and I wish you the best birthday ever. Happy birthday.

happy birthday dear friend

Happy birthday to my best friend. You are the one who saw good in me. You always encourage me and pushed me forward. Because of you, I chose the right career path. Thank you so much, my dear. Have a wonderful birthday.

You are the only one who pointed out my mistakes and made me correct them. You never allowed anyone to take advantage of me. You are my honest friend or I can say you are part of my family. Happy birthday with a whole heart.

You are my partner in crime. You are my soulmate. You made my life worthy. You are the one who makes my day no matter how creepy it is. Today is your birthday, I wish you an awesome birthday. May God bless you with all you deserve.

Hello, my dear friend. You are the one who kept me on the right track all these years. Family is important but friendship is also a very significant part of one’s life. You are the beacon of light that guided me and made it possible to endure all the hardships with a smile on my face. You make my life fun. So, may this birthday provides you a lot of true love, a prosperous future, the will to fight the odds and keep you humble as ever. Very very happy birthday to you my dear friend. May the bond of our friendship stays strong for years to come.

Happy birthday to the friend, who always stood by me through my hard times. You always listen to my foolish and irrelevant talks. I want to tell you that you are the bestest buddy of mine I ever met.

You are not just my friend. Calling you my friend is just a distorting statement because you are more than that. Happy birthday to my best friend.

birthday wish friend

You are not born in my family, don’t mean that you are not it’s part. You were always there to listen to my family problems, anxiety, breakups which I went through. You are my best buddy. Today is your birthday, so let’s celebrate it outside with others and share your happiness. Happy birthday buddy.

I feel gratitude for life on your special day that life sends me the best gift ever. This day we celebrate your existence. Love you and I wish you loads of happiness and love.

Today on your birthday, I wish you 1000 tonne of happiness, love, and health. Be a perfect person as you are today. Remain healthy. I love you and always be. Happy birthday my best friend.

Birthday greetings for a friend

I am so grateful for your friendship, you are my brother from another mother. Wishing you a very happy birthday and I hope that this friendship of ours goes miles.

Dear Friend, I wish that this special day brings you lots of joy and love. You deserve all the happiness in the world, Enjoy this day, Happy Birthday Buddy!

birthday wish for friend

Dear Friend, or more like a dear malnourished child of the society, you are an extraordinary example for young children to see what will happen you avoid health food given by your mother. Buddy, I do not want to insult you but it is your birthday and you may think especially for this day, that why did you born! And at last, we are having a birthday party at my place for you, forgot to tell you, See, if you can make it, otherwise, it is cool. Once again, Happy Birthday!

Dear buddy, last night I received a notification from Facebook that it’s your birthday, so wish you a happy birthday. Where is the party!

Dear Friend, on this day of yours I wish you all the success to whatever endeavor you take. Happy Birthday! Dude.

Buddy, the way you have improved yourself in the last few years, is commendable and worthy of praise. A lot of people, a lot of your friends admire you, for the work you have done for the community and for what you have achieved for yourself. May you improve as a better person with every year and continue to make a change in this world. Happy Birthday.

You are such a wonderful person. Your understanding of others is ultimate. You always seek good in others. So my very warm wishes are always with you. Happy birthday!

best wishes for friend

I feel very grateful that you came into my life as a friend. May our friendship be like one in million. I wish you a very happy birthday!

It feels nice to have a friend like you. I rely on you for a lot of things in life. I admire your straightforward talk, your wit, patience, and intelligence. Above all, I admire how you have always been on my side in bad times. So, I wish that this birthday may grant all your wishes and make all your dreams come true. Have an amazing and fantabulous birthday my friend. Happy Birthday, dear.

Birthday message for best friend

You make my mood better when I am having a bad day. I like your company and enjoy spending weekends with you. So, I wish you good luck and lots of fun on your birthday. Happy Birthday my BFF.

May your birthday adds up one more memorable day in your life. I hope you get a big cake, lots of quirky gifts and a hell of a party. Happy Birthday my dearest friend.

Friends listen to whatever you say but when you have a best friend like you one doesn’t need to speak to convey their thoughts and desires. Thank you for being my best friend forever. Happy birthday brother from another mother.

happy birthday buddy

You and I make a great team together. Your heart and my brain combined can make all problems seem small. I value our friendship a lot. So, Happy birthday friend. May you reach new heights of success.

Funny birthday wishes for a friend

Congrats because you have won the lottery and your prize is getting a birthday greeting from me. Hey, buddy, you are the only one of my friends whose birthday I never forget and don’t need Facebook to remind me that. Happy Birthday, Amigo.

Have fun birthday Boy

Happy birthday my childhood friend. I hope that you get to drink some liquor and dance like hell on at your birthday party. Ciao.

Smile it's your birthday

Very very happy birthday my friend. May you get as wise as me because now you have added one more year to your birthday. hope you get lots of grey hairs that you won’t be able to hide with dye. Just kidding. happy birthday again.

happy bday friend

You have been my best friend and a top priority for a long time. Happy birthday, bestie. I hope you don’t spill my secrets anytime soon otherwise I am going to kill you and there will be no more super cool birthdays to celebrate. hey just pulling your leg. happy birthday again my ultracool friend.

funny birthday wish

Happy birthday my friend. Its time you stop lighting candles on your birthday and start drinking beer. If you get caught I am always there to save your ass from your dad. Enjoy one more birthday and have lots of freaking fun.

birthday buddy

The best birthday wishes to you my dearest and lovely friend. Do you know why I love you? Well, you are the only one who can tolerate my attitude and anger without flinching. So, to kudos to you for being such a good friend. Aloha my best friend.

Did you know that I secretly named you food gobbler? Well, even if you always eat all the stuff and not pay the bill whenever we go to a restaurant I still love you. Your company and valuable time are what matters to me. So, happy birthday to you my friend. I hope that you keep eating lots and lots of food and get fat soon. Best birthday wishes to you comrade.

Do you remember the number of times you made the resolution to become fit and get a beach body? Well, I always knew that such resolutions will never be completed because you are a foodie and I love going out with you and tasting different cuisines. So, on your birthday I am sending you a tasty treat as a gift. I hope you enjoy eating it. Best birthday wishes from my heart to you my friend and have lots of fun celebrating this important day.

Here comes your birthday again. One more year has gone huffing and puffing. It’s time to celebrate for the great times we spent together having stupid fun. But don’t assume that you have become wiser with one more year added under your belt. You are still the funniest friend I have got. So, happy birthday wishes to my crazy and jolly best friend.

Hello, my dear friend. Once more the day has come when you get out of your gentleman aura and act like a total idiot, the crazy and fun-loving guy you are. use your birthday as an excuse to do all the fun things that you have always wanted to do. Enjoy getting wasted and eating lots of cake. Go bananas. Happy birthday, pal.

Hello friend, happy birthday I wish that you get lots of love, hugs, gifts, and a big cake. But I request you to get a shower so that I can attend your birthday party. Just have fun buddy.

Birthday SMS messages for friend

You are the most down to earth person I know, the care you show for others and the love you have for your family and friends is amazing. I am proud to call you my friend and I cherish our friendship together. Wish you a very happy birthday, Dear Friend!

wish happy bday friend

Happy birthday to my best friend, the one I trust the most. You are like a brother to me; you have stood by my side, listened to my problems, and supported me. Thank you for always being there. Happy birthday, dear friend.

Dear friend, may this day bring you a bundle of joy and loads of happiness, Happy birthday, dear friend.

May this day brings light and fire for your dreams. Have a wonderful birthday, my dear friend.

This birthday of yours may bring you a lot of joy and happiness. May you improve yourself with each passing year and become the man you were meant to be. I wish you a very happy birthday dear friend.

Thanks for being a wonderful brother, a friend and a supporter of me. The birthday comes once a year, so I tell you to make sure this day counts and make this memorable.

Best friend birthday quotes

I feel the luckiest guy to have you as my best friend. I hope your birthday will be as spectacular as you are. I wish that all your dreams come true and you get the entire world’s happiness you have worked hard for. Thanks for being the great person you are. Wish you a very happy birthday, my dear friend.

Dude, thanks for being the fantastic person you really are, I hope you get a fantastic birthday party as you are. I am looking forward to having many years of wonderful birthdays and friendship with you. Happy birthday, Dear Friend.

You are a great guy, you deserve all the world’s love happiness. Wishing the greatest birthday to the greatest person I know.

In good times and bad, you are the one; I will turn for help and support. May God shower blessings on you and you get a healthy life ahead! Every step I took for my future, my life, you were there for me. You supported me in every thick and thin moment and I promise, I will do the same. Happy birthday! My dear friend.

You are an awesome friend and a wonderful person. I wish you love and happiness and thank you for being my best friend. You are the one who always laughed at my silly jokes and encouraged me to do all the stupid things. You are not as dumb as you sound when you give all your little speeches. You are a curious person who does more stupid things when I am not around. I wish we have this relationship for many more years and have wonderful birthdays together. A very happy birthday my best friend.

Dear friend, you are a great friend, you are someone whom anyone can be themselves. You are someone who will be as supportive as a strong pillar. You are someone everyone likes, you are someone everyone trusts. You are a caring person and an elder brother for all of your friends. May you live a wonderful life with all the great things happening around you. Happy birthday dear friend.

You and me, we are a great team together. You are sincere and I am a hothead. You are a silent and strong type, and I am crazy and scared all the time. You are good with elders and I am good with kids. You and I are so good together that we should never break off. You are more than a wonderful friend. Happy birthday dear friend.

You are an extraordinary idiot, I knew that from the moment I met you, Your actions and your words suggest to me multiple times that you are such a stupid person and it will be fun to hang out with a dork like you. A friendship that started as a hangout now means the world to me; you are my brother and a part of my family. You are what we truly can say a gem of a person. You do not belong to this world, you should die. All this truth and jokes aside, I wish you all my best wishes for your birthday, Dear friend. Have a great birthday party and a lovely birthday night.

A friend like you is very hard to find because mammoths are extinct in this world, but you are a very good example of a human being with big teeth, big ears and stupid as an elephant. I am very sorry for saying that elephants are stupid; I never met one stupid elephant. Though I have met you, and you my dear friend, is one hell of a stupid person. I don’t understand how are you surviving your daily life, it must have been a miracle of the almighty. Just pulling your leg buddy. Happy birthday my dearest and nearest friend.

You are living an inspiring life, the way you handle true insults makes people motivated to work on their current job. The way you dress up, people feel that they are beautiful. The way you talk make toddler believe he is fluent than you. By saying all these wonderful things about you, I want you to remember that how important you are in our lives and how much we cherish you and let’s have a creepy and amazing birthday party tonight for the only mammoth in the world. Happy birthday, dear friend.

Hey dude! Let’s light up the candles and start the celebration of your birthday because I am the only one friend you have and no one else in the world care about you, you are such a horrible person which creepy smile, that people choose to stay away from you and your sight. Your dark humor scare people and your shady actions make people doubtful about you. Just kidding. You are a wonderful person and that is why I am wishing you a very happy birthday.

Your dirty look, which you think is cool is not actually, you remind of a dumpster, sometimes. Your vision about your life is the most horrifying thing anyone should know. Despite having all these wonderful qualities, no one likes to hang out with you are make you their friend, So, today on your birthday my dear friend, you should celebrate my friendship, which is the only human relationship you have on earth, you retarded alien. Happy birthday buddy! Have a wonderful day.