How to Tell Someone They Forgot Your Birthday (Without Offending)

You can tell them you are disappointed and a bit angry because you did not get a birthday greeting. No need to be too dramatic just inform the other person in a friendly manner. And then if the other person takes it well then you can celebrate your birthday at a later date.

How To Make Your Closed Ones Realise That They Forgot Your Birthday?

We understand that it feels extremely bad when someone close to us forgets our birthday. We feel our birthday as incomplete without receiving a birthday wish from them. But that’s when we need to act maturely. Instead of getting mad at them, we should try to make them realize that they forgot our birthday, in a non-offending manner by having a conversation with them directly and calmly. And, once you are done with the conversation and they have provided you with the reason for how come they forgot your birthday, it’s better to let it go and celebrate your birthday with them in the same way you thought you would since grudges lead to relations nowhere.

How To React When Someone Forgets Your Birthday?

What To Do When Someone Forgets Your Birthday

Sometimes, the things that we don’t expect, happen sadly, but there’s always a way whereby we can transform unfavorable situations into favorable ones. One such unexpected thing is when someone forgets our birthday. No wonder, it can be exceptionally disheartening to some or even to many but above all, we become clueless about how to react in such a situation.

In the majority of the time, our reaction to this depends upon the level of bond that we share with the person who forgot our birthday. If they are extremely close to us, of course, we are going to feel bad. But, we’ll remain neutral if someone not that close to us, forgets our birthday. It’s human behavior, we expect a lot more from our closed ones.

But, here we need to take a pause and chill, as we have grown up now. Everyone has a hectic schedule to follow in their day-to-day life due to which, at times, we forget the dates of some important events in our lives. Therefore, instead of overthinking about it, we must take it easy and get along to a party with those people as developing differences, for this reason, is not what sensible humans do.

Is It Fine To Wish Happy Birthday To Someone Who Didn’t Wish You?

The question sounds stupid and irrational but it is necessary to get this question answered for all those who think the same.

The “Game of Revenge” shouldn’t apply here. Birthdays are meant to celebrate with each other, leaving behind the feeling of rage. So, even if they didn’t wish you on your birthday, you should take a step forward to wish them on their birthday without bringing a second thought in your mind. There should not be any relatedness between the two occurrences.

Instead, you must try planning in advance that how are you going to surprise them on their birthday and how are you going to make their birthday more special with your presence. Remember, life is too short to hold grudges.

What Can Be The Reasons For Your Friends To Forget Your Birthday?

Depending on an individual, there can be distinct reasons for your friends to forget your birthday. Let’s have a look at some of the common reasons.

  • Maybe they remember the date of your birthday but forgot to check the calendar.
  • Maybe they are dealing with some issues in their professional as well as personal lives.
  • Maybe the network connectivity in their area is having some issues, that’s why they failed to text or call you despite many tries.
  • Maybe they are having some grudges with you due to something that happened between you two in the past.
  • Maybe because they have planned to surprise you in the evening with a cake and some gifts.

What Can Be The Reasons For People To Forget Your Birthday?

Apart from your friends, people like your neighbors and colleagues can also forget your birthday. Again, the reasons vary.

  • Maybe you’ve not mentioned your birthday on social media like Facebook, that’s why they didn’t receive any notification for the same.
  • Maybe you aren’t on good talking terms with them anymore.
  • Maybe they are so much occupied in their work-life, that they can’t give appropriate time to the matters of their social life.
  • Maybe they are out for a vacation with their family or friends at the time of your birthday.
  • Maybe you haven’t ever discussed your birth date with them. As a result, they don’t know about it.

What Can You Do If Your Partner Has Forgotten Your Birthday?

Leaving behind everything else, the situation becomes quite emotional for most of us if the person whom we love forgets our birthday. The excitement level of celebrating our birthday goes down to zero. But, that’s not what birthdays are about, isn’t it?

We know, it feels disheartening but you can’t undo what has already happened. So, there’s no point in dragging it for days or probably weeks. And the thought that your partner doesn’t love you just because he/she forgot your birthday is irrelevant as love is much more than remembering the birthdays of each other. Love is about being together even in the most vulnerable circumstances.

So, the least you can do is to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen in the future from your partner’s side by making him/her understand that birthdays are extremely special for you and how getting a birthday wish from them will make your birthday joyous.

To Conclude

One can say that in most cases forgetting someone’s birthday isn’t a big deal. If someone did forget your birthday then remind them in a casual manner. Try to understand the reason behind it and then move on. Birthdays are fun and there is no rule that says that you can’t celebrate one at a later date.