Rose Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages & Greetings

Rose Day is celebrated every year on February 7. It is the beginning of love and the rest of the days of valentine’s week. The fragrance of a rose can bring freshness to anyone’s life. Here we present some beautiful quotes and wishes for rose day so that you can impress your love. It would be amazing if you would send a bouquet of roses with a heart-touching quote.

Red roses are a sweet gesture of love. Happy Rose Day!

Roses are loved for their pleasant smell, no matter how many thorns. May our life become as beautiful as roses. Happy Rose Day!

happy rose day

You are like a rose to me. Like a rose can fill the space with fragrance, you filled my life with love and happiness. Happy Rose Day to my rose.

On the rose day, I am sending you a bouquet of roses with lots of hugs and kisses. Happy Rose Day!!

Happy Rose Day to my sweetheart! You are sweet and attractive, exactly like roses. Love you a lot.

Sending you the roses of all colors – red, yellow, pink, blue, and peach as you have filled my life with all these bright colors. Happy Rose Day!

Happy Rose Day to the girl without whom I can’t live.

There is heaven in the feeling of love and having your love sitting beside you. Happy Rose Day, my life.

Sending you a bunch of red roses that speaks about my lots of love for you. These roses are not enough to express that how much I love you. Happy Rose Day!!

No bird can sing like a nightingale, no flower can be as beautiful as a rose, and no girl can be as cutest as you. Happy Rose Day, my darling.

My love for you is not temporary, it is eternal and stays in my heart forever. Happy Rose Day to my cutest boyfriend.

Today I am giving you my love and soul forever with this rose. This is just another step of coming a little closer to you. Happy Rose Day!!

I still feel the same freshness as in the rose in our relationship, and I wish this to be continued. Happy Rose Day, my love.

Your love is exactly like the pleasant smell of roses as it brings freshness whenever I get exhausted and cheers me up when I get upset. Happy Rose Day, my hubby.

For me, a rose is not just a way of proposing, but it also means:

R- Rare

O- Ones

S- Supporting

E- Entire life

You are the king of my heart in the same way as the rose is the king of all the flowers. Happy Rose Day, my king.

I am fortunate to have a husband like you, and thank you for this bouquet of red roses. Happy Rose Day to my lovely husband.

Roses are my favorite flowers, and so you are. Happy Rose Day, Baby.

Thank you is not just enough to show my gratitude, so I am sending a bouquet of roses. Happy Rose Day, my sweetie.

I want you to accept these roses as a gesture of my deep love and care for you. The bright color of these red roses expresses my feelings and promise that I will fill your life with these bright colors and never hurt you. Happy Rose Day.

Red roses possess the quality of making everyone crazy, so I am sending you these red roses as a sweet gesture to make you aware of my craziness for you. Happy Rose Day.

You are the fragrance in my life and the reason for my happiness. Happy Rose Day to my life, sending you my love with these red roses.

Our love for each other is like a rose- perpetual and beautiful. Happy Rose Day to my lovely girl!

As you know that I can never gather the courage to express my feelings for you, I am sending this bouquet of red roses as a gesture of my deep emotions. Happy Rose Day!!

Even billions of roses are not enough to express my love and feelings for you. I love you more than anyone can ever think. Happy Rose Day to my sweetheart!!

No rhymes and no poems, I just want to say- I LOVE YOU. Happy Rose Day, Beautiful!

Accept this bouquet of red roses as a sign of my immense love for you. Happy Rose Day, babe!

You are the only reason for my fast heartbeats, and this is the only season of expressing my love. Happy Rose Day!

You came into my life as a spring and made the flowers of my life blossom. Happy Rose Day to my only girl.

Each rose in this bouquet depicts my purity of love and happiness after meeting you. Happy Rose Day to my one and only.

The most beautiful moment of my life is when I forget myself in the excitement of your presence. Happy Rose Day, Gorgeous!

No matter what the day is, our love for each other will remain unchanged forever. Happy Rose Day!!

I am in love with you and all the things that you do. Happy Rose Day!!

You know what, you are my life, my best friend, my greatest support, my biggest comfort, my strongest motivation, my truest smile, my only love, and my forever. Happy Rose Day to my everything.

May our love for each other remain as fresh as a rose forever. Happy Rose Day.

Initially, I did not believe in magic and love, but since I have met you, my every moment has become magical. Happy Rose Day, smarty.

Someone asked me about my favorite destination, and I said, “my husband”. Happy Rose Day to my husband.

Fragrance can not be defined without a rose, just as love can not be defined without you, my sweetheart. Happy Rose Day!!

You can use these wishes along with the bouquet of roses to express your feelings. These wishes and quotes can make your beloved understand your true feelings. You can take references from the above wishes and express what is there in your heart.