What Birthday Is Aries, Aries Birthday Dates & Info

Want to know about what birthday is Aries?

Let’s begin. There are a total of twelve zodiac signs and out of those Aries is the first one. The people who are born between March 20 to April 21 as per the timeline of the Gregorian calendar. As per the Hindu solar calendar,  it is known as Meṣa and written as ” मेष ” in Hindi Devanagari script.
happy birthday aries

The zodiac symbol of Aries is Ram which is derived from the animal Sheep. A fertile male sheep is called a Ram. In Hindu culture which prevails in India, the zodiac signs hold a lot of importance. And the name of a newborn baby is based on the date and time of birth. So, one who is born between March 20 to April 21 will be named as per the Mesha zodiac sign ( मेष राशि ).

Information about Aries

  • Zodiac Symbol – Ram
  • Name as per Indian solar calendar – Meṣa ( मेष )
  • Duration March 20 – April 19 (for the year 2020)
  • Constellation – Aries
  • Zodiac element – Fire
  • Lucky Day – Tuesday
  • Color – Red and White

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What is special about Aries?

Every zodiac sign personality is special and unique in its own way. for Aries, one can say that they are extremely loyal to their friends, family, and employer. Although, loyalty without a doubt sometimes lands them in trouble.

Is Aries a good sign?

A person having an Aries personality can be good as well as extremely bad. They don’t fear adverse situations and they have the guts to work hard and survive in unfavorable conditions. So, it matters in which direction an Aries person is going in.

What is Aries spirit animal?

The spirit animal for Aries is the Hawk. As they have a sharp eye, and they are dexterous at what they do.

Some people consider Aries as an impatient person who likes to argue on most of the things. But such thoughts are based on other people’s perspectives. If you are an Aries and want to know about your personality traits then take a look here.

Personality Traits Of An Aries person

  • Aries are usually good at leading a team and guiding other people. What makes their leadership skills so good is their ability to access and analyze any situation and find feasible solutions to the problem.
  • They do not get scared when confronted with a dangerous or difficult situation. They are confident at facing new challenges and this quality helps them solve problems faster than others.
  • They are sometimes spontaneous and good at breaking the monotony.
  • As they possess good leadership skills they are less likely to follow general rules and norms unless there are justifiable reasons behind those rules. They like to stay in control and they prefer to do any work in their own way. So, one can say that people with Aries as a zodiac sign like autonomy in their life.
  • Aries believe in living an honest lie and they are good at spotting other people’s lies and bullshit.
  • Apart from honesty, they possess the quality of being loyal and trustworthy. This makes them a good person to have in your team.
  • Aries people are also known for standing firm by your side even in the face of very difficult situations.
  • They straightforwardly express their views. They present their ideas and thoughts with confidence and without any fear. So, it’s less likely that they will accept whatever is told to them without doing proper research.
  • All these personality traits make them a very candidate to become a good friend as well as a worthy opponent. They demand respect and despise those who betray them.
  • They like competition and work hard to learn new things in any field. So, if you plan to beat an Aries then work at your best.
  • As per all the above personality traits, you might have thought that Aries are strong but they also have an emotional side. They connect with a person very deeply and in the case of heartbreak, the time to recover can be long.
  • They like to follow schedules and do their work on time. So, they avoid people who are not timely. They get irritated in a situation where they have to wait. due to this trait, people consider them impatient and they are somewhat right in their opinion.
  • Spending time with an Aries personality is great because they are lively and make their surrounding environment cheerful.
  • They like to do something new and exciting rather than being stuck at doing the same job every day. So, monotonous work doesn’t make them happy.
  • Another negative trait of Aries is that they get angry or frustrated easily and may vent out their frustration in public. On the flip side, their anger subsides easily and that is why they mostly don’t hold a grudge against others.
  • They usually have a growth mindset and they aspire to turn their dreams into reality. They are known to take risks because they know that failures are not permanent and success will be theirs sooner or later.
  • They are optimistic and try to avoid people who discourage them to take action and follow their dreams.
  • Aries are passionate lovers and they do not hesitate to show their love and care to their partners.
  • They can be aggressive sometimes but still, they are known to sacrifice their comforts and happiness for the joy and well being of their loved ones.

So, I hope that this post answered your query “what birthday is Aries”. To learn more about other birthday astrology signs.