What Birthday Is Leo, Leo Birthday Dates & Info

LEO – the fifth sign of the astrological year

happy birthday leoVedic astrology is an ancient Indian science that explains planetary motions which respect to time and their effect on humans and other creatures on earth. From fiery competitive Aries to psychic and dreamy Pisces, there is a total of 12 zodiac signs that represent different traits and characters. 

Leo, the fifth sign of astrological year is known to be ruled by the confident sun. It represents positive, cheerful, and self-focused vibes. Leo individuals are considered to be good organizers, dynamic, self-confident, and have the ability to inspire others. The people who are born between,  July 22 to August 22 are said to have their zodiac signs as “Leo.” Leos are represented by a zodiac symbol “lion”. 

Information about Leo

  • Zodiac symbol – lion 
  • Name as per Indian solar calendar – Sinh 
  • Duration – July 22 to August 22 
  • Constellation – Leo 
  • Zodiac element – fire 
  • Lucky day – Sunday
  • Color – orange, gold, and red

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What is special about Leo?

Every zodiac sign represents each personality differently. When it comes to Leo, individuals are considered warm-hearted and always up for a good time. Being passionate, cheerful, and generous, they always attract people and want to surround themselves with them. As they are known to be ruled by the confident sun who rules over the universe, they love to be the center of attraction and attention. 

Is Leo a good sign?

Leos always consider themselves as “king or queen of the jungle” because of their self-confidence, strong leader, and extremely dominant nature. They are full of energy, strength, love, and romance. If you are feeling sad and depressed, just meet a Leo person. He will surely make your mood cheerful. 

But sometimes, they become much arrogant and are also known to be full of jealousy, possessiveness, and egoistic nature. Being dominant and self-centered are some other traits of a Leo along with being generous, helpful, and loyal. 

What is Leo’s spirit animal?

Leo’s spirit animal is a dragon. Like a dragon. Leo individuals can make a great impact on the people surrounding them. They are always willing to fight for others, powerful and courageous. As dragons are known to be leaders and very masterful animals, Leos are also good at showing leadership traits. Moreover, you will find Leo individuals as noble, majestic, and powerful just like dragons all the time. 

Personality traits of a Leo person

  • Leo men are said to be good-looking, personable, and loving characters. They attract women towards them and have friendly nature. They have a strong ego, and you will always find them self-centered and self-focused. The image plays a crucial role in their life, and thus, they always try to cultivate a good image among others. 
  • When it comes to Leo women, you will find them glamorous, real, and honest. It is not difficult to understand a Leo woman. She always wants the spotlight on her and loves to be the center of attention. No matter how happy she is with her life, she always craves more, and it has a direct relationship with her career. It also showcases her organizational skills and interesting life. 
  • You will always find Leo’s children dramatic and outgoing. They get show-off traits from their parents easily. Since Leos are known to be good leaders, Leo children gain the leadership qualities at early stages, and thus, it sometimes needs to prevent them from putting themselves into argumentative relationships. 
  • From being dramatic to self-centered, you will find Leos as the best lover too. They have the talent to represent romantic sentiments and bold sexuality. Leos are said to be good in romance and have much interest in datings. They love giving gifts and can go up to any level just to make their partner feel special. They keep showering their love even after marriage and make their spouse thoughtful by showing their immense love and generosity. 
  • Despite their leadership and majestic traits, you will find Leos as friendly. Not only good lovers but Leos can be your good friends also. If you have any Leo friends, you will always find him welcoming and warm. Leo’s buddies always love to hang out but wait for someone to notice them. 
  • Leos loves to be the center of attention and has a pleasing personality with a good sense of humor. When it comes to their work-life and career, you will always find Leo men and women prepared. They are known to be good friends and social animals. They make heartful efforts just to stay in a relationship and like to romance in an old-fashioned style. Leo individuals believe love is a feeling that must always remain alive in a longtime relationship and even after marriage. 
  • As a family, Leos love their parents, siblings, relatives, and others. They are known to be good parents because they use the lessons taught to them by their parents during childhood. You will always find them full of energy and enthusiasm. They love to maintain their personality, but health is more important to them. You will always find them successful in their career life. Leos are said to be one of the luckiest creatures on the planet when it comes to money and the potential to make it. 
  • When it comes to achieving their dreams and goals, Leo has the potential to grab the opportunity with great enthusiasm. They never stop working towards their goal and career success comes on the top of their list of goals. 


The term zodiac derives from Latin zodiacus which means circles of animals. Throughout history, the zodiac signs are used to predict characteristics and traits of a personality. 

When it comes to Leos, they are represented by the zodiac symbol “lion.” It is no wonder Leos are passionate, enthusiastic, and ambitious. Being ruled by the king of the universe, they are luckiest when they are relaxed. 

In conclusion, if you have your zodiac sign like Leo, you tend to be strong, warm, passionate, and dynamic. You have the capability to delight in opportunities and let your charismatic personality shine. 

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