Messages To Write On Birthday Cake, Short Birthday Cake Quotes

Are you bored of writing plain old “Happy Birthday” on a birthday cake? Well, there are many messages, words, and quotes that you can write on a birthday cake. You can get creative and use something funny. Or if you want you can write something romantic. So, take a look at these messages to write on a birthday cake.

Birthday Cake Messages for People of Different Age

Have you ever thought that what can you write on a cake instead of happy birthday? I know everybody writes happy birthday but why don’t we get a bit creative and write something funny or cool. So, here are some wordings that you can write for people of different ages.

You are not older. You are just one year experienced today.

Put more candles, live more life.

Let’s make a wish. You gonna live longer.

Light the candles and welcome your new age.

Don’t think it’s over. More years are yet to come.

Say goodbye to your old days and cut a new day’s cake.

This is an anti-aging cake. Eat it and become prettier than ever.

Secure your teeth before you eat cake.

Every cake is special. It’s all about memories.

Every cake is special

Age is just a number. A Cake is more than that.

Celebrate your aging by cutting this cake.

Funny Messages to Write on A Birthday Cake

Wondering what to write on your best friend’s birthday cake? Here are some funny messages and wordings that you can write to a friend’s birthday cake. A plain cake with a name just seems boring so try these.

Short Quotes & Words To Write On A Birthday Cake

Eat cake and have fun.

Cake prepare yourself  for future

Cake is good for health.

Eat cake & have fun.

It’s not just a cake. It’s CAKE.

Why wait?? The cake is here.

Don’t be late to cut the cake.

Eat cake for goodness sakes.

Heaven is mouth and plate full of cake.

A cake with frosting on it, is heaven.

You are going to fire it.

Boom. It’s your birthday cake.

Cut the beer cake.

Never say NO to cake as life is too short.

Every cake has it’s own story.

Let this cake make you sweeter.

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Words to Write on Birthday Cake of a Foodie

If you have a friend who is a food lover or is fond of eating delicious cakes then here are some short quotes that you can write.

Let’s get fat together.

Let's get fat together.

Birthday cakes are nature’s way to tell us that life is sweet.

It’s your birthday cake, so don’t count calories.

A piece of cake is a part of a balanced diet.

Happiness is having lots of cake on your birthday.

Cake – breakfast, lunch, and dinner for cake lovers.

Doesn’t need a fork. Just dig into the cake.

The cake always comes to its lover.

I love cake frosting and I cannot lie about it.

I’m not just a cake lover. I’m addicted to it.

What’s wrong with eating lots of cake.

If we were what we like to eat, then I will probably be a cake.

Mouth full of cake is only craziness of cake.

And the best sweet’s award goes to the cake.

There is no shame in eating another slice of cake.

Cake is not just for birthday. Cake is for life.

A cake is the happiness of all.

A cake is a happy place to live in.

Even a bad day can be fixed with a piece of cake.

I eat cake because I celebrate the birthdays of random people around the world.

I always carry a fork with me. In case somewhere I get the cake.

Never leave a single bite of a cake.

You will be awarded to eat this whole cake.

Awesome Words to Write on a Birthday Cake

Believe in miracles. Just taste the cake.

A cake can solve any problem.

It’s not right to be sad when you’re holding a cake.

One cannot buy happiness but one can buy a cake. It brings happiness.

Of course, maintaining health is good, but have tried cake….?

Life is like a cake. It’s your choice to eat it or cut it.

Let us also eat your birthday cake.

Birthday cakes are nature's

A Birthday without a cake is just another day.

When people give you lemons, do nothing, eat cake.

In the world of crazy people, you are the best.

This cake will vanish in a count of 1 to 5. Boom you are late.

Candles are not required. You are too hot.

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Come-on and celebrate your day by cutting this cake.

Birthday Messages To Write on a Birthday Cake for Romantic Partner

Love you so much more than this cakeIf you are thinking of what to write on the birthday cake of your romantic partner then the words depend on how many people are going to see the cake. If only the birthday person is going to see that cake then you can write something very personal. If there are going to be many people at the birthday party then write something that is appropriate for others to read.

What can you write on your boyfriend’s birthday cake?

You can write a birthday wish or a simple “happy birthday” with a XoXo (kissing) sign. The number of words depends on how much real estate you have on the cake.¬† So, while baking a cake at home or order at a bakery pay special attention to the decoration (frosting or icing) on the cake. Decide the words beforehand and then order the cake. So, here are some ideas which can help you think of messages or words to write on your boyfriend’s birthday cake.

A delicious cake & lots of kisses waiting for you.

A tasty cake for a handsome boy.

Love you so much more than this cake.

A big cake to make you fluffy like my teddy.

Cake for my utterly butterly delicious boyfriend.

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What can you write on your girlfriend’s birthday cake?

Life is like a cakeYou can write a romantic birthday wish or something funny. You can write it in different colors or you can write on a chocolate bar placed on the cake. So, here is some inspiration to write on the birthday cake of your girlfriend.

Don’t eat too much or else you won’t fit in my birthday gift.

Sweet cake for my sweet princess.

Cake filled with sweetness for my love

Happy birthday to my angel.

Eat cake & be happy dear.

Eat up I am waiting for my turn.

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